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Getting started with

Nature Days

Getting started couldn't be easier. Just click on one of the 3 guide maps below which best fits your family right now.

We all move between phases over time, backwards and forwards depending on what is going on in our lives. So there is no "correct" phase, it's just where you are right now.

naturedays groupwalk.jpg
1. Nice & Easy
walk green.png

Increasing your time outdoors in any small way is your aim in this phase. 

2. Outdoors and More
climbing green.png

Now you are getting outdoors with your family - Tap into the benefits from connecting with Nature

3. Nurture Nature

You are on a road which is benefiting your family- keep it going and look after your environment too

Top Tip - Kids need somewhere age appropriate, challenging & fun to play outside. Our gardens are usually the most convenient and safe place for this. Check out our blog post 7 Steps To Creating A Child Friendly Garden for advice. 

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