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Wild Nature
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Helping Nature- Within my reach

I have included a special area in this site, Help Your Planet, for children and their families who want to be more involved in protecting Nature and our planet.   

Nature is at the center of all our lives. We are just one species living on this planet and the fact is we completely rely on the many aspects of Nature for survival. Our clean air, water, food, shelter, habitable land all come from Nature and without the abundance of these basic gifts that Nature provides us we would struggle to survive. 

Human actions have already started to upset the balance of Nature on our planet, with human needs and wants taking precedence over the impact it has on Nature.  Shortsighted actions and blinkered thinking means we are slowly chewing through the life support line to our own planet. One day, we will sever it completely - if we do not raise our heads from the sand and realise Nature must come first. I believe we must all take actions, in whatever way we can, to help protect Nature, and our planet, and restore them before it is too late. 

You can be a passenger as Climate Change ravages our world or you can stand back and calmly start to ask yourself “Ok, what can I do to help?”

Many of the worst effects of Climate Change are in far off places and are frankly too big for me and you right now. But we must start somewhere. I know I must do what is Within My Reach! 

And the start is AWARENESS.  Becoming aware and tuned in to the conversation about Climate Change and having a voice is critical. It can seem hopeless, too big a problem for little old us, or just not something relevant to our every day at the moment. But, we all must take some responsibility now, however small that is.  

It takes every small grain of sand to make a desert and I will be one of those grains, doing what I can in my own small way, in my own small life, to protect Nature and our planet. I don't know where that will lead me.  Because I am not what you might call an environmentalist. In reality, I don’t have the staying power or deep commitment that would take. I just want to be told what to do to help stop Climate Change.  I want to do the right thing by Nature and my planet, just like the vast majority of people out there.  But I didn't know where to start and what to do, just like so many others.  

So, I gathered practical tips for how you and your family can start to take action in Help Your Planet.  Our kids have worries about their future, dealing with Climate Change, and you will find helpful information here also to start a conversation with them. I believe we must help them with these feelings, and support them in their need to become involved or active. It might help us all to feel more in control of this vague, faceless threat, because we will do the things we can, instead of being just a bystander waiting for it all to happen.  

Let’s just try to do the things Within My Reach, because Nature will find its balance, will rewild itself, I truly believe that, if we humans can step back just a little and give it back the space and respect to do that. 

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