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Activity Finder


Designed with you in mind. The Nature Days Activity Finder allows you to select the amount of time you have and match it to a simple, fun, outdoor activity. 
Activity Finder

Walking in Nature

15 Minutes
Nature Nudge

There is lots you can do with 15 minutes

Teenagers in Nature

30 Minutes
of Magic

Take full advantage of an extra 30 mins outdoors

Family Hiking

1 Hour for Nature Power

Discover the power of

an hour in Nature

Family Bike Trip

Time On Your Hands

We make it easier to have your dream Nature days


Walking is a fantastic way to get active and enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to kids however, especially as they get older, the word "walk" can send them running for cover. So your plan is to pick a walk, it could be your local route or further afield when you have time, and use the Activity Finder below to keep it interesting and challenging for everyone. 

If you are going further afield, the following are great online resources for finding walks and trails around your county and all over Ireland:

  • Or google "walks and trails near me".


Activity Of The Week

You can find our regular Activity of the Week posts on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Nature Days on social media to keep up with these fun and interesting recommendations!

Facebook - Nature Days Ireland

Instagram - nature_days_ireland

Nature Days Bucket Lists

To make life easier, why not print one of our Bucket Lists which hold lots of ideas for kids outdoor fun, or follow Nature Days on social media to get access to our regular "Activity of the Week" suggestions. 

Spring:      Nature Days Spring Bucket List

SummerNature Days Summer Bucket List 

Autumn: Nature Days Autumn Bucket List

Teens:      Teen Summer Bucket List

Indoor Activity Finder

Don't worry if your family Won't Get Out, we've included lots of options for that too in the Indoor Activity Finder!

Tips For Getting Kids Outdoors 

Check out our top blog post Tips For Getting Kids Outdoors for ways to make the outdoors fun.

Our goal is to use the simple activities in the Activity Finder to help make all your outings more fun for everyone, including the ordinary, everyday, walks near our homes. We can't always head off on hikes or to the woods, so we must try to tap into the Nature nearby in our gardens or estate greens, along our streets, or in local small parks. There's lots to see and explore when we start to TUNE IN and this is how to regularly access the health benefits of the outdoors and Nature.

Keep in mind that many of the 15 Minute Nature Nudge and 30 Minutes of Magic activities work really well as part of longer outings too.

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