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Wild Nature
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Nurture Nature - Why Outdoors?

1. Continue to tap into the many health benefits from connecting with Nature (See Why outdoors for info)

2. Nurture what you’re started

Maintain the progress you’ve made in connecting your family with Nature. Realise that feeling the benefits of Nature is just a matter of getting out your door and tuning in to the Nature all around you. 

3. Help your planet

Getting active in helping our planet is a great antidote to the helplessness people can feel in the face of the climate crisis.  It will help you feel more connected to Nature, and our planet. As you make decisions and choices for the benefit of our planet, you are more in control of the impact your family has on Nature and our planet. It is better to influence the things you can, within your own life, than be a hostage to fears for the future. Because every action, however small it may seem, makes a difference when joined to the world wide effort to rewild our planet and reduce the pollution entering our atmosphere.  You can then be in a better position to be part of the solution for protecting our planet in the years to come. You can find about about personal Climate Actions you can take as a family here.

4. Find solace in Nature

Continue to inspire and guide your family towards maintaining a lifelong love and respect for Nature.  Help them find that Nature can be their happy place- a place to find peace, calm, comfort and healing at times of uncertainty or worry in their own lives.

5. Be your child's ally in the face of Climate Change

Continue to keep your connection as a family with Nature, and the outdoors, so you can become an ally for your children as they grow up to a world dealing with climate change and the challenges that will bring. Keeping yourself connected with Nature will help you to be better placed to support them through any fears and worries they have now or may experience in the future surrounding the health of our planet, and the climate justice issues that may arise from it. Find out more in our Teenagers and Young People area here.

6. Tend to the values and roots of your family 

As your children grow into teenagers and beyond, their brains change dramatically and they will begin to move away from areas in their lives that don't inspire them, interest them and that they don't interact with often.  So, before this happens, it is important to root them in nature and the outdoors. Keep encouraging their connection, nurturing it with a particular focus on what interests your pre-teen or teenager  Then you have a chance of guiding them into adulthood with their love and connection with nature and the outdoors intact. Find more information here.

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