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Wild Nature
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Why Outdoors?

Benefits of connecting with the outdoors & nature:

  • Improves mental health, reduces stress and positively impacts on ADHD in children. 

  • Helps protect the mental health of the child

  • Can help build strength & resilience and encourage kids to get over some fears

  • Can help with self soothing, controlling their emotions and finding inner peace

  • Improved eyesight

  • Physiological benefits like lower blood pressure & lower obesity and better heart health.

  • Improved concentration, short term memory and focus. It can lead to better outcomes and performance at school. 

  • Exposure to sunlight creates Vitamin D in our bodies and supports a healthy immune system

  • Being in nature can enhance creativity, imagination & problem solving

  • Being outdoors can help with healing

  • Can help us be better people and tune into our core values as a person

  • Develop social skills as children interact with others and navigate social situations while outdoors. 

  • Helps teach children about the the world around then, their place in Nature and our planet. Helps them to make more sense of the world

  • Promotes developing a sense of independent, improve their self confidence and self esteem as they test their abilities. Teens get a chance to create new positive stories about themselves, as they experience success, overcome adversity and tap into their inner resilience in challenging outdoor activities 

  • Experience adventure, explore risk and their limitations

  • Develop their curiosity and wonder at the world around them, building a life long love of Nature

  • Children who have a connection with Nature are more likely to help protect and act in the best interests of their planet as adults. 

Deep benefits of Nature

Have you ever thought about whether your family could get even more from the outdoors to help them as they grow? Because there is another level of health benefits that comes from kids interacting with the natural environment outdoors while they play - a level which could add to all your lives in a profound way. 

It involves slowing down just a little, letting the race of life pass you by, and just tuning into the natural world around you. 

Countless scientific studies have shown that many benefits, as set out above, come from an immersive and sensory experience of Nature. And the good news is that studies now show you don’t need to have been raised yourself with a love of nature to develop an appreciation for it as an adult. Any exposure to nature, even if you live in a city or large town, is beneficial. In particular, studies show that stress hormone indicators decrease when we are exposed to even green space, whether in an urban or rural setting, so don't feel at a disadvantage if you have no garden or live in the city. You should have everything you need to enjoy the benefits of nature around nearby.  

Getting outdoors benefits all of our health in many ways, but it is tuning into nature that develops us as people.  

For kids, it builds their resilience and self-confidence, it builds their coping skills, it builds their creativity and makes them appreciate our small role in the vastness of this planet. Kids can make sense of the world around them and their place in it. This in itself can help lift some of the modern pressures in their lives. It can help us all have the perspective to see beyond our own existence to something much bigger and more significant than just our own life.  

With that comes a wonderful freedom and a better understanding of our own place in the world. 

All of this can come when we slow down, even just a little, and begin the journey of reconnecting ourselves with the instinctive bond with nature we had as children. 

My goal is to raise awareness and help parents realise this connection to nature is fundamental to our childrens’ development.

Getting an adequate dose of Vitamin "G" in their lives should be right up there when you think about caring for your family. 

It can teach your children more about life, resilience and survival than any curriculum. Join me as we let our children experience the freedom of a life where they live, learn and love through Nature. 

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