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1 Hour to Make & Create Outside

Head outdoors and get creative. Why not bring a Nature Journal too?

Build a fairy house for a fairy garden

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Kids love a fairy house or fairy trail amongst the garden plants. Use the handy guide to start your own simple fairy garden at home

Make Wind Streamers

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These are good fun on a windy day, or any day if the kids run around with them

Make your own compass

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Kids love an experiment and this one gets them thinking and also learning a handy skill for outdoor life

Build a den or estate camp

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Building a den in a quiet corner of the garden, estate green or park is a challenge for kids and great fun. Why not see if your neighbours agree to making a small camp or den for the local kids in your estate green. Get all the kids involved, track down a log and a few tree stumps for seating, and the kids can have play camps together to their hearts content.

Get into gardening

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Start a mini veg or edible plants garden on your patio, balcony or windowsill. A great way to connect with Nature

Make a Walking Stick

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Whittling a walking stick out of a long branch really gets the blood flowing. Older kids can try this on their own with supervision or you can all join in on this project together

Painting Stones

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Painting stones together outdoors is a great chance to engage with Nature and have a fun time creating. Check out this handy guide to help adults and older kids create some useful props for your home or garden, while younger kids can get their mess on trying to make stone creatures.

Find more creative activities in 30 Minutes of Magic

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Lots for ideas for you to try out and more will be added here regularly too

Check for info

Create a pocket of wild in your garden

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Start planting a small meadow garden - good for bees and butterflies and the feel good factor is up to 10 on this one. It doesn't have to be much- a small strip of garden will be of great benefit for your local wildlife.

Make wind chimes

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The most rewarding tasks are the ones that take little time and give massive enjoyment

Make nature prints

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Let their creativity flow, search for leaves, flowers, rough textures etc

Plastic bottle planters

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A super way for plastic bottles to remain useful

Make a Treasure Chest

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Some parental support might be needed for this one - but the finished job is a joy to behold.

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