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Halloween Nature Crafts with kids

Not everyone I know is all over Halloween to the extent we see in some countries. Maybe you are, or maybe you're just counting down the days until it's over. But we probably all want a few ideas to keep the kids entertained during the mid-term break. Whether you're a spooking superstar, or a ghoul Grinch, sitting down to an afternoons make and do with the kids can be rewarding for everyone.

And, like Christmas, there is something heart warming about unpacking your very own homemade decorations each year, especially as the kids grow up.

So why not get in contact with Nature at the same time. Simply head outside and collect as much natural materials as you can lay your hands on - sticks, leaves, stones, seed pods, pinecones, feathers and more. They will be the perfect raw material for your kids imaginations!

Then gather together what crafting bits and pieces you may have at home - paints, glue, google eyes, pip cleaners, string or whatever is at hand.

We've collected some nifty ideas for inspiration below and now you're ready to give some a try. But remember, you can always add your own touch. If you don't have some of the suggested materials, no matter, carry on and see what you can make without it or by improvising. To me, that's when the real fun happens.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Probably the top Nature craft when it comes to Halloween, pumpkin carving is lots of fun.

Find some cute pumpkin design ideas which are easy for the beginner in the link here.

2. Ghosts & Monsters

You really can never have enough ghosts and monsters at this time of year. And a simple leaf ghost garland can be a lovely touch over the fireplace or across a door.

The link below uses fabric leaves, but it is much more fun to collect fallen Autumn leaves for this activity.

3. Bats

To me, bats scream HALLOWEEN, so making them for your home will crank up the spook factor no end.

Check out these simple bat making activities below. I always love an egg carton creation so these are right up my street

I love these bats made from twigs and hung from a branch too. Simple but high impact. The perfect combo

Bat Bunting - What could be cuter than bat bunting draped across your living room ceiling. Now you can have it too - Go on, you know you want it!

4. Spiders

Spiders are a Halloween must.

You'll find lots of ideas for spiders online but these pinecone ones are a definite keeper

What's a spider without it's web? We've no excuses with this simple web activity.

5 Zombies

I could live without zombies if I'm honest, but kids just seem to love these grotesque folk. I just spend my time trying not to look at them!

Check out the video below for a fun zombie craft with leaves.

6 Halloween Treat

Want something different as a treat for kids this Halloween?

Try making these simple cookie pops and watch glowing faces tuck into their handy work

Or for an even easier version, check out the ideas in this link, where you use ready made biscuits and just decorate them yourself. That sounds more like my level of baking skills!

7. Tweens & Teens

Finally, if you have older kids at home, there are many crafts and ideas to keep them occupied too over the school break. They can get their creative juices flowing with these crafts ideas

Over to you...

If the crafts work out as planned, that's great - but it's a bonus really. It's more about spending some quality time together, working on an activity, connecting with Nature, and slowing down for a while. We've all earned a little rest and recuperation this Halloween season, so remember to claim some R&R in for yourself too.



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