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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Does your community want to reduce waste, reuse, repair and recycle?

Find resources to assist your community on the journey to Zero Waste here:

  • Sustainable Communities Toolkit

Sustainable community toolkit.jpg

The Sustainable Community Toolkit is a valuable support for any community trying to find direction and cohesion for it's ideas when it comes to voluntary community projects. Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and The Wheel, it brings a practical and grounded approach to steering your community group. 

They have published a very helpful Living Better, Using Less Booklet to assist communities in adapting and moving towards living in a more sustainable well, which boosts both the environment and wellbeing in their community. This booklet is a must read for fledgling community groups. Even for well established community groups, and Tidy Towns Groups, it may be a valuable exercise to use this booklet to assess where your community is right now, what you are doing right, where there are opportunities for improvement, harvesting of new ideas, and culminating with drawing up a workable plan with the Action Planning Template provided. 

  • Resources for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 


  • - Water refill stations in businesses across Ireland. Encourage local businesses to get involved. 

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