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How change happens

Having studied Sociology, Economics and Politics in college, I have some insight into how the world turns in certain areas of life. A big part of how the human race, including Irish people, responds to the climate and biodiversity crisis we now face is embedded in these 3 areas:

Sociology: How can enough people be motivated to be active in helping our planet

Economics: How can big business be motivated to put the health of Earth before profits when making business decisions and can we change how we measure value away from just economic wealth and include environmental wealth.  

Politics: How can governments around the world be motivated to put in place policy and laws which protect Earth and our environment from further destruction.

In my simple view, the three are intertwined:

  • Social Movement (the power of the people) -social pressure is created by us as we buy, and demand, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

  • Businesses & Manufacturers react to the demand we create for certain products by creating more of them - environmentally friendly products- and they start moving away from products in less demand (because they are now less profitable)

  • Governments eventually make political changes to create laws and policies which support businesses transitioning to new work practices, in making these new products, and outlaw harmful practices involved in making the old products. 

The very root of all of this process is social pressure. We influence the businesses, then our government, and eventually the whole world by how we spend our money and which products we buy!

History has shown us that it is the grass roots actions of ordinary people like you and me that effects real change in the world and eventually changes political policy.

We need to get ACTIVE.

If you are struggling with making changes in your own life to live a more sustainable life, take a little time to figure out exactly where the barriers are. 

Maybe it's the near impossibility of avoiding packaging and plastic when we shop for food, financial or infrastructure barriers to getting an electric vehicle, or insufficient grants to making your home more energy efficient.  

It needs to be easy, and convenient, for us all to make sustainable choices for the environment. So, if you find barriers in your way, seek help with making the changes you want in your own life. 

Find your Voice  

  • Your actions are powerful,

  • Your actions definitely matter, and

  • Your actions can make a tremendous collective difference.

The decisions we make on a daily basis can have far reaching ripples across our world. So let's try to be more conscious of our decisions and the demand for products we create with these choices.  


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