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Take Action

The good news is that every action, no matter how small, makes a difference once enough of us do it.

So how can your family take Climate Action?

  • Become a GREENER family using Nature Days Tips - Simple tips everyone can get behind in daily life for energy, food, waste, travel to biodiversity.

  • Not Sure What To Do And Where To Start? Follow the Leader -  

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To not know where to begin - or what changes really make a difference.


Count Us In was established to take all the uncertainty away and show us clearly what actions will help most in our own daily life. Follow any of the steps in Count Us In and you'll know what you're doing works!



Take A Step - 16 Simple Steps 

16 Steps of climate action have been selected with experts from the UN Environment Programme based on 3 criteria:

  • Their impact on your personal carbon pollution

  • Their power to influence leaders

  • Their ability to involve everyone

You don’t need to research what works and what doesn’t. These are the 16 proven steps that count!

And there is something here for everyone - from Cutting Food Waste, Tell Your Politician, Dial It Down to Repair & Reuse, the majority of these 16 steps are very achievable for most of us in daily life.


So, just take One Step AT A Time, see the positive impact you are having for our planet, and take it from there!

  • Target Food Waste

Go Zero - Irish directory of bulk buy stores, refill stores, zero plastic stores, fruit & veg stores, farmers markets, health stores, online stores and more. If you've getting sick of packaging and plastic, this is the answer for you!

Stop Food Waste has great tips on reducing food waste at home. The average household wastes over 150kg of food each year, at a cost of €700! We're literally throwing money away and it's not great for the environment too. If you think about it, all that wasted food came from somewhere and heaps of energy, materials, water, land and labour went into making it. 

Food Cloud - Are you a food supplier with unused food and stock? Use Food Cloud to reduce waste and connect with charities and community organisations that need it.  

Too Good To Go - Are you a food business with unused food at the end of the day? Use Too Good To Go to reduce waste, create new customers, and turn your leftovers into profit. 

  • Target General Waste - Reduce Reuse Recycle & Be Part Of The Circular Economy

Community Resource Network Ireland - Make REUSE part of your daily life. This site will connect you with many useful businesses which can make reusing more achievable. And it's a real money saver too!

  • Looking to have something repaired?

  • Find coffee shops with reusable coffee cup discounts?
  • Interested in second hand and charity shops for clothes, books and household items
  • Looking to borrow something already available in your community?

  • Interested in swapping some of your unused stuff with other people?

Community Resource Network Ireland has you covered. Check out too.

Useless Project - Provides a bridge towards more sustainable living for those making steps in the right direction, and for those who are just at the start of the road too.

Barter Ireland - Link in with the good and service you can barter around your area. 

Thrifty & Depop - Get into the "Preloved" fashion movement by using apps like these to move on what you don't want anymore and make some cash too. You can sell clothes, household items and more. 

  • Target Energy

Energy audit your home


  • - Use the government funded Green Home initiative to run a survey on the energy efficiency of your home. On average participants who engaged with the Green Home programme save €320 per annum on their energy, transport and waste bills. Plus, the average household electricity cost saving from a Green Home energy awareness project resulted in a saving of €257 per annum.

  • Home Energy Saving Kit - Borrow this kit from a local library. It can tell you where your money is going when it comes to your energy bills. It’s also perfect for people renting, providing a mini energy audit to get the facts needed to talk to a landlord about where improvements can be made.

  • - This is a non-profit which aims to make it easier for people to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle with their home energy.

Solar Panels Info & Financing home retrofits

Find out about installing solar panels in your home in this useful Beginner's Guide To Solar Panels. An Post Green Hub Find advice and financial support to energy retrofit your home (if needed) with this initiative. 

  • Target Supporting other's taking action

Support organisations locally, nationally or internationally who are working hard to Help Our Planet.

Tree Planting

  • Tree Council of Ireland


Help record Ireland's flora and fauna by becoming a Citizen Scientist on their surveys. Find details here

  • Target Giving Your Time - Volunteer

Find ways to help your community or further afield with conservation and gardening. Try linking up with a project that interests you below:

  • Target Using your Own Voice for Change

If you have concerns about the environment, and our planet, one of the most powerful actions we can take is to use our voice to make a difference.

  • We must be vocal with our local and national government representatives and push for more urgent action - this is our best chance of helping our planet.

  • Businesses listen to the demand of it's customers, so take action with your wallet. Buy from and support the businesses that are taking serious steps to help our planet. Give them the message with your custom that their efforts are worth it for them and us. 

Find someone inspiring to follow

There are some amazing people leading the way in Ireland and abroad when it comes to living more sustainably. Find someone you believe in and let them lead you in the everyday, practicable, ways we can makes eco friendly swaps in our lives. From eco friendly shopping swaps, upcycling, preloved fashion to gorgeous plant based recipes, there's a wealth of knowledge out there.  


Below, we have set out some of our favourites to follow on Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms:

Join in with an environmental project

Voice Ireland is an environmental charity with information, ideas and campaigns your family can get involved with. From Sick of Plastic, We Chose Reuse, to Picker Pals litter picking groups, there are many exciting ways to Help Our Planet Earth.

National Spring Clean is a nationwide effort to clean up our country. Register for a clean up and receive bags to collect rubbish. Why not join with family, friends, or neighbours to set up a Spring Clean in your area. 

Further Information:

What Climate Action can you take in your community? Find out details from here

School projects to suggest for your kids:

Neat Streets- Litter pick campaign for secondary schools

Picker Pals - Litter pick campaign for primary schools


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