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Wild Nature
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7 Nature Days Challenge - Day 5

Aim: 20 Minutes Outdoors

Activity: Over to you

It’s Day 5 already and you have come a long way in connecting with your family in Nature!


Even looking back now, I hope you feel a difference in how you see yourself when it comes to the outdoors and Nature. You are capable and confident enough to teach and inspire your kids about Nature, because that is exactly what you are doing each day.  

Your Day 5 challenge is:  Over to you

I think it’s time for you to pick your own activity. 

Young Family

Don’t stress, you know by now that your kids will be happy doing just about anything once they have your attention! 


At this point, you might like a break from the structure of this week-long challenge to just go with the flow today (I know I would!).  So get your family outdoors and just see what happens.

  • You could pull one of yesterday's activities down from your sleeve and put it into action today.

  • You could also break out the Activity Finder to pick something from there as a focus for today’s outing.  Check out the Walk section for inspiration. 

  • Whatever you choose, be confident that it will all work out fine. By now, your kids might not be so reluctant to come outdoors with you because they know it’s fun these days and that is a major leap forward.  If you ask them, they might even have a few ideas themselves- if they, let them lead the way and be FREE! 

The Activity Finder will be there as a safety net for the days when you are at a loss for what to do yourself, the days you are short on thinking time or you feel your kids are starting to drift back into an indoor mindset. 

You can reboot their outdoor loving buttons with a quick activity to jack up the Fun Factor. Because I honestly feel that we aren't born knowing all the right things to teach our kids, especially as they get older! We learn to be parents by being sent home from a hospital one day with a baby and learning as we go about how to keep this little person fed, watered and poop free! So you shouldn't feel bad about not knowing how to teach them about Nature or if you have lost your own love and connection to it in the midst of it all.

As far as I'm concerned, parents need help and support to bring the lessons of Nature to their kids, and I'm just one woman trying to help you on that road.

Remember to Tune In before you start todays activity.

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