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Wild Nature
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7 Nature Days Challenge - Day 3

Aim: 20 Minutes Outdoors

Activity: Bring Nature into Your Home

Step 1 - Tune In

Again, bring your children's awareness to what is around them right now and whether it has changed since you were last there. 

Step 2 - Bring Nature Indoors


Make a Nature Arrangement

Bringing a little nature into your home can be a simple but effective way to continue your connection to Nature while indoors. It can also be a pleasing visual cue to reinforce your intention to reconnect with Nature. There is something cheerful about a small vase of wild flowers or fresh daffodils which lifts the spirit.  

So today's activity is simply to go outside and gather materials for a Nature Arrangement

Vase of Flowers
  • Bring some bags or buckets for collecting materials as kids love to be hands on.


  • Ideally take a ramble a little further afield to help you all stay outside a little longer, since this can be a quick activity. Once we are all outside together, I make the most of it because it’s getting everyone outdoors that’s definitely the hardest part in my house!


  • You can choose flowers, tall grasses, small branches, long leaves or whatever else you find. Try to collect items of varying height for added flare. An assortment of materials can look beautiful in an arrangement and you can work together indoors, on the door step, on the patio or balcony to put these items together into an arrangement. You can use a vase, jug, jar, bottle or tall container you have at home. 

  • Your kids may want to make their own Nature Arrangement and you end up with a mini forest on your windowsill or kitchen counter. Whatever works for you is fine. It is a great encouragement for your kids to see you placing their creation in a position to be admired by the entire family, be that indoors or outdoors, as they know you value their handiwork. 

  • The children may even find a few nature treasures to bring home - like special rocks, broken bird egg shells or a stickman. This may seem gross but, if you have the space (a small drawer or shelf for these treasures), it can be very effective for connecting kids to Nature. Otherwise, an old container like a shoebox, egg carton or take away tub work great too. 

Fancy gift Box
  • If there are left over bits and pieces, you could challenge your kids to make them into a Nature Art piece when back inside. They could stick them onto a drawing of a superhero, princess, picture of themselves, or anything that pops into their minds. Give them a few minutes of your time to brainstorm, plant the seed of an idea in their head, provide some materials (old paper, old cards, glue, Sellotape, safe scissors, colours) then encourage them to make a masterpiece.  Feel the contentment as they happily continue their Nature play when back inside with their new found hoard. 

Look after Nature - Leave No Trace

This activity brings a great opportunity to begin teaching your kids how to respect and look after Nature. You may feel out of your depth when you hear this but it is really just common sense when you break it down. 

When gathering materials, focus on collecting leaves, twigs and materials that have already fallen to the ground. Explain that you will try to leave new shoots, seeds and flowers untouched so they can mature and grow into adult plants. 

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