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Wild Nature
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100 Fun Activities for Teens & Young People

Water Based (With instructors/guides where appropriate)

1. Lifeguard Training

2. Sea Swimming Lessons

3. Open swimming- lakes & sea

4. Pier Jumping

5. Fishing, Crabbing & Spratting

6. Deep Sea Fishing

7. Inflatable Waterpark

8. Boat or Barge trip

9. Windsurfing

10. SUPing

11. Surf lessons

12. Kite Surfing

13. Sailing lessons

14. Kayaking & Canoeing

15. River Rafting

16. Beach day

17. Diving & Snorkelling

18. Gorge walking

19. Coasteering

20. Wake boarding

21. Wave boarding

22. Sea Stack Climbing

23. Dolphin & sea life spotting

Land Based (With instructors/guides where appropriate)

24. Hiking & Hill walking

25. Guided Night Hike -Irish Night Hike: "We're kind of half terrified, half excited" (

26. Mountain Climbing

27. Rock climbing & abseiling

28. Orienteering

29. Mountain Running

30. Mountain Biking

31. Adventure centres

32. Guided Caving

33. Camping & Glamping

34. Beach combing for materials for crafting

35. Organise a beach clean with friends

36. Paintball or laser combat

37. Amusement park

38. Ziplining or High ropes

39. Tree Climbing-the high octane kind

40. Archery

41. Horse riding & trail riding

42. Bushcraft & survival camps

43. Teen Building camps

44. Turf Challenge

45. Ireland Fittest Family Course

46. Indoor skydiving

47. Kite Flying

48. Go Karting

49. Cycle a Greenway

50. Go Island Hopping

51. Chase Waterfalls

52. Segway lessons

53. Bungee Jumping

54. Metal Detecting

55. Geocaching – create geocache in local area for friends to follow

56. Fossil Hunting- Easkey Beach Sligo LINK

57. Go to a family friendly music or wellness festival

Closer to home ​

58. Plan an outdoor Movie night with friends

59. Plan a picnic with friends

60. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for their friends in the area

61. Camp overnight with friends in your back garden, or nearby age depending.

62. Golf, pitch & putt and crazy golf

63. Make an obstacle course to challenge their friends

64. Water fight

65. Design and create their own hang out zone in your back garden. 

66. Take time lapse pictures of your garden or seedlings each day to create a stop motion movie

67. Create a stop motion movie of the day in your local area.

68. Try Nature Photography

69. Organise a litter pick with friends

70. Start a DIY project to improve your outdoor space

71. Get Creative with Nature – Try Nature Art

72. Start an Upcycle Challenge- re dye clothes with natural dye or create something new

73. Declutter and get into Depop

74. Redo your room the Eco way-use charity shop finds to give it a WOW factor

75. Weed out your clothes for a charity shop drop

76. Cycle and get to know your area

77. Frisbee or Dodge ball BBQ party with friends

78. Star Gazing on clear nights

79. Moon Phase Tracking

80. Games night outdoors

81. Take the life skills challenge- take charge of planning food, shopping, money, and running your home for one day.

Gardening, Food & Nature

82. Visit local farmers markets & food festivals

83. Visit local food producers, Beekeepers and allotments

84. Start a small home veg or herb garden-plant for food

85. Forage for berries and ingredients for baking & cooking-blackberries, gooseberries, elderflower, wild garlic or nettles as a start

86. Make a Green Plan for your family

87. Volunteer locally for Nature, Wildlife or Eco groups

88. Get to know what you can do for your planet LINK

89. Animal tracking after dark

90. Take part in wildlife surveys

91. Nature Journaling

92. Perform Random Acts of Green each day for one week

93. Perform Random Acts of Kindness each day for one week

94. Plant a friendship tree


95. Basket Weaving

96. Pottery & Sculpting

97. Nature Art

98. Art outdoors

99. Knitting

100. Carpentry & woodwork projects- Check out ideas in Time On Your Hands/Easy Breezy Relaxing Nature Days.

Top Tips

  • Including their friend in any of these activities will jack up the interest for your young person. 

  • Many of these may be enjoyed on the annual family holiday so try to book them before your trip for the busy summer season. Let your young person pinpoint a few interests and try to fit these in, where possible in terms of time, location and cost. 

  • Some activities are for closer to home and your young person can get stuck in on their own, or with friends. 

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