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Fog and Nature

Welcome to

Nature Days

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Bring the fun and the kids will come!

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Nature Days is a FREE, and NOT FOR PROFIT, resource created with three main goals:

  • Help families get their children playing outdoors more - all in a simple & convenient way.

  • Help people connect with Nature more regularly & tap into the proven health and wellbeing benefits this can bring.

  • Help people understand about Climate Change and the small steps we can all take to Help Our Planet. Let's talk to our children and young people about this daunting issue in their young lives too.

What now? 

  • Activity Finder - Find quick and easy activities to get your family outdoors today.  Whether it's a walk or scavenger hunt, it's all here and it's FREE.  

  • Getting Started - Find out how Nature benefits your families health and wellbeing. Use the three helpful guides to increase your families outdoor time this year.  

  • Blog - Find light and informative tips & advice about getting outdoors and much more.   


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Help Your


Woodland Path

Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

 Hans Christian Anderson

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